ECHO Case 102 | Echocardiography for Beginners


A 44 year old male presented with dyspnea and Palpiations with systolic murmur on examination. Try to spot the findings in these echocardiography clips and make a diagnosis. Answer will be explained in latter half of the video. 


Case 102: FINDINGS: 

PLAX and PSAX view showing thickened Mitral valve leaflets with Prolapse of Posterior Mitral Valve Leaflet (PMVL). Measurements are suggestive of dilated Left ventricle. Color Doppler in Apical four chamber and three chamber views showing late systolic moderate mitral regurgitation. Difference between Flail and Prolapse: In prolapse tip of the leaflet is not evulsed into the LA, only the leaflet body is protruding into LA, whereas in flail tip of the leaflet is hanging into LA due to ruptured chords.