A 57 year old patient with a history of severe idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy

67 year old male admitted with COVID 19 infection complaining of palpitations

A 50 year old female with no known co-morbids, admitted for lap chole

67 year old woman presented with palpitations

A young female presents with a history of palpitations and has high grade ventricular arrhythmias

60 year old man presented with chest pain, labs showed elevated troponin I levels

ECG of a 35 year old woman who survived sudden cardiac arrest and now scheduled for ICD implantation

Elderly male known case of chronic renal failure presented for follow up in renal department for opinion on hemodialysis

A 50 year old man diagnosed case of dilated cardiomyopathy presented with dyspnea

Identify the labelled curves and name the pathology shown in this pressure tracing

What three hemodynamic findings are seen during this coronary injection?

76 year old woman presented with dyspnea and palpitations

A 55 year old woman with dyspnea diagnosed as having recurrent pulmonary emboli

22 year old female with history of a recent syncopal episode which occurred after she had been standing

58 year old male presented in emergency room unresponsive

90 year old female with a history of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation presented with CHF Exacerbation

77 year old male with history of syncope

80 year old man with history of coronary artery disease ( posterior wall myocardial infarction), now presented with tachycardia

Case 79: 60 year old man came for preop cardiac evaluation

Case 78: 65 year old smoker came for follow up in cardiology clinic

Case 76: 80 year old man with severe Left ventricular systolic dysfunction secondary to ischemic cardiomyopathy

Case 75: 87 year old man with palpitations and dyspnea

Anomalous pulmonary venous drainage into coronary sinus and its connection with left atrium

Case 73: 24 year female with this ECG

Case 74: 100 year old male presented to emergency room with pre syncope

Case 72: 80 year old male, known case of DM and rheumatoid arthritis, presented with dyspnea and chest pain

Case 71: A 65 year old smoker, known case of COPD, admitted with worsening symptoms

Case 70: A 90 year old man with syncope

Case 69: A 58 year old female with cardiogenic shock

Case 68: A healthy 25 year old medical student with his own ECG during ECG class

Case 67: A 90 year old man with severe calcific aortic stenosis, presented with palpitations

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Case 65: A 55 year old man presented to emergency room with severe chest pain

Case 66: A 87 year old man with palpitations

Case 64: 76 year old female with dyspnea and palpitations

Case 63: A 70 year old male, smoker, admitted with acute Exacerbation of COPD

Case 62: A 78 year old male presented to ER with pre syncope, history of MI 2 years ago

Case 61: A 20 year old male presented with acute dyspnea

Case 60: A 24 year old female cocaine abuser presented in emergency department with chest pain

Case 59: A 30 year old female admitted for lap appendectomy