Echo evaluation of Heart Failure, LVAD and Transplanted Heart - ASE Echocardiography Lectures


Complete Lecture on Echocardiographic evaluation of Heart Failure, LVAD and Transplanted Heart by Karima Addetia, M.D. FACC, FASE. - ASE Echocardiography board review lecture. 


Lecture Highlights: 00:00 Intro to assessment of LVAD on Echocardiography 00:11 Why Offer an LVAD? 00:50 LVADs: Clinical Indications 01:38 LVAD Circuit 02:06 HeartMate II and HVAD (HeartWare) 02:57 Pre LVAD placement and Post LVAD Placement 03:24 LVAD Hemodynamics 05:01 Clinical Indications of Echocardiography in LVAD 05:30 ECHO in the LVAD Patinet 05:35 LVAD Parameters 05:49 LVAD Evaluation on Echo 06:18 LVAD Surveillance on Echo 08:11 InterVentricular Septum and Left Ventricular Size 08:18 Position of InterVentricular Septum 10:53 Thrombosis in LVAD 12:52 Aortic Valve Opening in LVAD 13:22 M Mode Echo AV Opening in LVAD 14:36 Aortic Insufficiency in LVAD 16:37 Inflow Cannula 20:30 Outflow cannula 23:00 Troubleshooting of LVAD - Case 1 26:05 LVAD Speed Optimization 26:46 The RAMP Study 29:35 Optimization of LV Unloading 30:52 Optimization of Aortic Valve Opening 31:54 Optimization of Mitral Regurgitation 32:17 Example of RAMP Study 35:30 LVAD Malfunction Case 37:41 Echocardiography Post Heart Transplantation 40:39 Bi-Atrial vs Bi-CAVAL Heart Transplant on Echo 41:02 Transthoracic Echo in Heart Transplant Patients 43:30 Increased Wall Thickness in Heart Transplant Recipients 44:49 Right ventricle assessment following Heart Transplant 46:17 Right ventricle Parameters 47:14 Diastolic Dysfunction in Transplanted Heart 50:28 Heart Transplant Rejection 50:54 Acute Rejection (ACR) 51:33 Post Endomyocardial Biopsy 53:56 Chronic Rejection (CAV) 55:01 Detecting Rejection of Heart Transplant on Echo 56:32 Deformation Analysis 57:49 Stress Echo for Detection of Rejection 58:32 Post Heart Transplant Complications 59:15 Summary After attending this lecture you will be able to answer the following questions: What is the importance of Echocardiography in the assessment of LVAD? What is LVAD? What is Left Ventricular assisst device for Heart? How to assess function of LVAD on Echocardiogrpahy? What are the clinical indications of LVAD? What are the parameters to assess LVAD on Echo? What is RAMP Study? Troubleshooting of LVAD with case examples How to optimize LVAD Settings? What is Inflow and outflow cannula of LVAD? How to optimize LVAD speed? Hemodynamics of LVAD on Echocardiography How to assess tranplanted Heart on Echocardiography? How to detect acute rejection of Heart Transplant on Echocardiography? How to detect Chronic rejection of Heart Transplant on Echocardiography? #echocardiography #HeartTransplant #LVAD #Transplant #troubleshooting #device #cardiology #Echo #ASE #boardreview #heartfailure #transplant