Advanced Echocardiography | Deformation Strain Imaging | 4D Echo | Contrast & Stress Echocardiogram


This lecture is on Advanced Echocardiography techniques presented beautifully by Guy Lloyd MD FRCP FESC - as part of British Cardiovascular Board Review lectures. He talked about the advanced techniques in routine echocardiography including the following:

00:29 Deformation & Strain Imaging  

02:07 Speckle Tracking Imaging 

02:55 GLS in Healthy Individual (Global Longitudinal Strain)  

03:48 GLS in Disease  

05:28 Does GLS predict the Future? Copenhagen Heart Study 

06:12 How does GLS perform clinically?  

06:58 Deformation Imaging Guidelines 

08:02 3D & 4D Imaging 

09:32 3D TOE (Trans-esophageal Echocardiogram) 

11:17 Contrast Echocardiography  

13:45 When to use contrast clinically?  

14:30 Stress Echocardiography - Stress Testing in HCM  

15:34 Current Indications of Stress Echo  

16:21 Take Home Messages


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