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Case 73 : FINDINGS & DIAGNOSIS: Parasternal Long axis view showing enlarged left atrium measuring 52 mm, PLAX and PSAX views indicating normal LV systolic function. Apical four chamber view is showing bi-atrial dilation. Pulse Wave (PW) doppler profile along with tissue doppler imaging (TDI) is suggestive of restrictive pattern. Together these findings fit into the diagnosis of restrictive cardiomyopathy. (RCM) 

How to measure left Atrium in PLAX view: 

LA is measured at End-systole (ECG: The end of T wave), at the level of the aortic sinuses, and perpendicular to the long axis of the LA posterior wall. Normal value is less than 40 mm in males. 

How to measure LA Volume Index: 

It is measured by biplane simpson method by using apical four chamber and two chamber view and indexing with body surface area (BSA). 

How to measure Right Atrium in Apical four chamber view: 

RA Major: Its the length measured from center of valve annulus to center of superior RA wall, Parallel to intra-atrial septum and is measured at end systole (ECG: The end of T wave). Normal value is less than 53 mm (males) RA Minor: Its the width from lateral wall to intra-atrial septum (Mid-atrial level). normal value is less than 44 mm in males. Watch Video to view all the reference ranges as per ASE guideline recommendations.

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This video includes: 

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